Hello. I'm triniti.

you can call me trin.

First of all, I’m excited that you’re here.  Most likely, you’re reaching a huge point in your life & you want to remember all the intimate details involved.  Telling your story is what I’m all about & deep relationships inspire me and are the reason I’m a photographer. 

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I'm Trin - your average ENFP.  I'm quirky, weird and not afraid to laugh at myself.  I love a good book, and probably eat too much ice cream for a normal human being (thank the Lord for Halo Top).  I married my high school sweetheart Tyler - we met through friends on MSN messenger - 2004 anyone?!  The first thing he said was "hey babe".  His flirting game with me has improved since then. I'm not generally witty (my hubby makes up for that), so when I think of something clever, I'm super excited.  My all-time favorite movie is Home Alone.  If it's on, I'm watching it.  I have a fluffy dog named Wrigley who regularly makes appearances on my Instagram story.  Although I absolutely love traveling around the world, I live in the midwest and couldn't love the culture here more.  There's nothing like knowing your neighbors and the cashier at the grocery store by name.  I can't drink enough kombucha thanks to my bestie Rachel.  I have a love/hate relationship with social media (face-to-face relationships are so much more epic).  I'm a night owl and I avoid getting up early like the plague. Most importantly, I love Jesus.  I chose to follow him when I was 16 years old, and my ambition since then has been to spread His unconditional love to everyone in my life.  


My Why

My love for helping people first drew me into a career in counseling.  While this choice was life-giving on many levels, my creativity felt contained and longed to be explored.  That's when photography came unexpectedly.  I documented a new stage of life for my friends, and craved more.  Through being a photographer, I've been able to meet some of the most extraordinary people who have become dear friends.  I've seen much of the world I'd never get the privilege of experiencing otherwise.  

My initial love for people still drives me.  I love being able to incorporate my counseling experience into my photography approach - not just asking clients to look at the camera and smile - that's so mundane.  I choose to dive deeper and create opportunities for emotion to overflow.  I want my seniors to reflect on what they've learned about themselves throughout their high school career, and my couples to open up about why they are getting married in the first place.  My approach to photography is honest and relational.  I don't want to be just a vendor to you.  If that's what you want, then I'm not your girl, and that's okay. Creating photos for clients is more than just a transaction to me, it’s about getting to know my clients in a deeper way, and oftentimes ending the session over a meal together as new friends.


When i'm not at a photo shoot...

I've recently become obsessed with the minimalist lifestyle. Having a curated closet starts my morning off right.  Each day we are working on making our lives and use of things more intentional.  Earth tones and neutrals are my favorite.  I thrive on spontaneity, so I jump at the thought of a random trip or last minute lunch date with a friend.  In the summers you'll find me playing sand volleyball.  I could watch episodes of Friends over and over again.  I occasionally nerd out on a Nat Geo Wild documentary.  Chicago is one of our favorite cities, and Tyler and I love cheering on the Cubs.  We are huge into game nights and gathering for barbecues with friends.  We are probably the best pitch players you'll ever meet. My husband and I are active in our church. We love being able to help within our city.  I've learned the value of genuine community and cheering others on. 

I will say writing an "About Me" can be a bit awkward, but hopefully this gives you an idea of who I am!  I enjoy meeting new people and I'd love to get to know YOU! Connect with me and we can share a cup of coffee (or kombucha) together! 

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