Kaylee + Will // Superstition Mountains // Phoenix Arizona Wedding Photography

This day-after shoot was everything.  Give me an incredible couple, desert and fringe and you give me all the feels. 

SWEET words from Kaylee:

"Will and I first met working together at a retail store.  I knew from the second that I saw him that he was "the one".  You always dream of having that movie scene moment when you're younger  -  you both make eye contact and it's love at first sight, and in our case thats exactly what happened.  I'd never been much of a risk taker when it came to dating, but I was actually the one who asked Will out. The thing I was initially attracted to about Will was his intelligence.  He knows that most random facts about everything; he reminds me a lot of my dad in that way. When I asked Will what he was initially attracted to about me, he said, "you were a babe" haha, and that I have a hidden humor that you only get to see once you get to know me. We really didn't expect marriage to feel too much different from dating.  We lived with each other three years prior to getting married, so we thought we had seen pretty much everything. We were surprised to realize that things did in fact change. You work differently, the other persons successes become your successes.  The sense of commitment changes.  Knowing that our foundation is solid has given us the strength and courage to go out and face challenges we might not have alone.  You begin to live and dream as a unit. You fight differently.  When your dating it's easy to just call it quits and walk away.  But once your married, there's more at stake and you learn not to sweat the small stuff in order to make it through the rocky times.  If we could give advice to future couples, it would be to make every moment count.  It sounds cheesy, but life really is just too short, so love bigger, fight harder, cry together, laugh often, and have as many adventures as you can! Oh, and just elope."


COUPLE: Kaylee & Will Lane

HAIR: Ash Petty Hair

MAKEUP: Kelsea Jones Makeup

FLORALS: The Petal Theory x IG @thepetaltheory

Triniti Jensen