Mr x Mrs Plagman // Intimate Backyard Wedding at the Groom's Family Home // Shelby, Iowa Wedding Photography

Emily and Rich have absolute hearts of gold.  They are both no fuss/frills type of people, and truly place the value of relationships over material items. When I initially spoke with Emily before their wedding, she emphasized the most important thing for them as a couple on their wedding day was that Christ was put on display:

"I am excited for this day yes, but I don't expect anything to be perfect. I really want Him to be put on display - whether that's with me having all of my close friends with me getting ready in the morning - actually one I will be seeing for the last time before she moves overseas to Israel.  Also, just seeing all of our people who have been huge in our lives separately over the years all coming together to celebrate."

The love of Christ was so evident throughout their entire day, and their love for each other was truly inspiring for all to watch.  Rich and Emily chose not to see each other before the ceremony, and I'll never forget the moment they prayed with one another back-to-back before the ceremony with tears running down their cheeks.  It's a true blessing to call these two friends. 



"Both Rich and I were filled with excitement yet nervousness about all the details coming together for the days surrounding the wedding.  However, on the morning of our wedding, when Triniti and her husband, Tyler, led us out to our back-to-back meeting for prayer with one another before the ceremony, everything surrounding that moment brought us to peace.  We feel so strongly that Triniti’s photos captured every bit of our emotions on that day!

     One of our favorite things about Triniti and Tyler is their caring, fun, and calming personality, with which they carry the unique ability to make you feel comfortable and really be present in the moment.  With all the moving pieces of that day, they made it surprisingly easy for us to focus on each other and soak in the true meaning of our wedding day.

     Triniti’s relationship with God and her genuine talent for capturing the moment were the most important pieces of our decision.  From our first conversation with her over the phone, it felt like we were talking to a good friend.  We couldn’t be more happy with our choice to have Triniti capture our wedding.  We feel like we didn’t just get an amazing photographer, but gained a genuine friend." 

WEDDINGSTriniti Jensen