Modern Contemporary ATX Laguna Gloria Museum Wedding // Austin Texas Wedding Photographer


“Shortly after we started planning our wedding we knew one of the most important vendors would be our photographer. We wanted to make sure our special day was documented through photos for us to look back on with friends and family and share with our future children and their children and so on. We searched everywhere and luckily we came across Trin through Instagram. We immediately loved her style of work. She has a way of catching raw emotion in her photos, the color is so clear and “moody”. We didn’t want our pictures to be too bright and white washed yet we didn’t want them too dark, and Trins pictures are the perfect in between color. Looking back on our photos we feel like we see them exactly the way it was on our big day. From the first phone call we had with Trin she was so sweet and kind hearted and we knew we had made the right choice! On our wedding day Trin was so easy to work with, she gave us direction yet let us be ourselves. We can be awkward and shy in front of the camera and before the wedding we were nervous that our faces would be frozen in an awkward half smile in the pictures. All of those thoughts and fears disappeared immediately when we started the day, Trin has a way of making you feel super comfortable. We couldn’t be happier with the way everything turned out! Trin worked well with all of our vendors and videographers and we received compliments from everyone about how sweet and easy to work with she was.”

Triniti Jensen