The Musgraves // 20 Years of Wedded Bliss // Central Nebraska Couples Photography

Sandy and Nathan celebrated 20 years of marriage this past year.  We decided to do a cozy "real life" session in their home - all the while their children were hanging inside as well, because that's real life for sure.  These two are definitely a couple to look up to! 

Central City Couples Photographer

How did you meet?

We met in Chicago at college. Moody Bible Institute.

How long have you been married?

We’ve been married almost 21 years. We dated 2 years before we got married.

What’s your favorite quality of each other?

Sandy: I love that Nathan is a learner all the time. He’s incredibly stable and has a very good understanding of who he is in Christ.

Nathan: Sandy is wise, perceptive, and usually the person in the room that most people are drawn to. She’s the ultimate people person.

What does your spouse do that makes you feel loved?

Nathan: When Sandy takes an interest in something I’m reading or listening to.

Sandy: I feel loved when Nathan pursues me and thinks about me when we are not together. When I feel treasured by him.

Triniti Jensen