Brook + Jen // Crested Butte, CO Mountaintop Wedding Photography


Sometimes I ask myself how I get so lucky when I meet such an incredible couple and have the opportunity to capture their intimate relationship.  Jen and Brook have an incredible story.  They met almost 5 years ago and have dreams of starting a life together at a beautiful acreage outside of Lincoln Nebraska.  These two wanted to shoot their engagement session at their favorite mountain town: Crested Butte Colorado.  Vacationing here every year is one of their favorite things to do, and I can see why.  Brook asked Jen to marry him last year in the beautiful state of Colorado, so the swooping mountains was the perfect backdrop to showcase their relationship.  Jen has raved to me about how hardworking Brook is, and how he selflessly cares for her.  Jen has such a gentle and compassionate heart.  They are such a beautiful picture of love.  I'm thrilled to shoot their wedding later this week on the very acreage where their life together will blossom.  

Triniti Jensen