Valerie + Josh // Joshua Tree, California Wedding Photography


"We met through mutual friends in high school, instantly clicked and ended up talking for hours. We talked about life and love and JESUS. We grabbed our bibles and then we prayed for like.. ever..haha.  It was unlike any other connection I've had with anyone. We both had gigantic crushes on one another but neither of us said anything. We ended up being best friends for three years. 

During this time I was suffering from chronic debilitating nerve pain to the back of my head from an injury.  Bedridden and endless tears every day.  Hospital visits and all kinds of treatments and creams and meds. No sign of it changing, I decided that God was still for me and I chose joy. Chose to live my life the best I could, even through all the pain. Needless to say, I was expensive and I wasn't very exciting to hang out with hahaha. (This went on for 8 years.) 

Yet there was Josh, just being my friend. One day after a surgery he brought me flowers. It was a MOVE.  So we talked and realized that we have always had affections towards one another this whole time!  I was skeptical to be loved because of what a burden I knew I was.  He said just like the movie "A Walk to Remember", he would love me no matter what and never leave me. And that I was worth it. 

So we dated, madly in love, for two and a half years and then we got engaged and married! Best memories of my life! I got to marry my best friend!! 

About a year into marriage we found a doctor who was able to help me.  In six months, I was 70% healed.  Something we never thought was going to happen. It was, and is, completely life-changing. 

We so enjoy being married to each other!  Every day is full of laughter and fun and teasing and loving and endless hugs and kisses.  Not a bad day is had where we aren't met with relentless comfort.  And not a day goes by that he doesn't make me laugh. 

Our relationship changed from dating to married in a way that Josh was taking care of me by my side every single day at my every need, and then I was healed.  Then it was my turn to be there for him when his dad got sick and passed away.  It taught us selfless understanding of every emotions the other might be feeling. Without judgment, full of love.

I think our marriage has a resilient strength to it because of what we have been through and our love is stronger and more passionate than ever now.  

I would say to other couples:  have MERCY, REPENTANCE, and so much FUN. With those you can get through whatever life throws at you and come out of it with more love. 

We can't believe we get each other. It is the most amazing gift to have someone see you fully and love you more. We are forever grateful and forever best friends in love. "

Triniti Jensen