Keziah + Kaleb Part II // Great Sand Dunes National Park // Colorado Engagement Photography

When a couple is up for roadtripping two and a half hours south after flying across the country, you know it's going to a be a great time.  Kez and Kaleb met in the most unique way (see part I of their story here).  We drove south to the Great Sand Dunes National Park outside Mosca, Colorado.  I think we were all imagining it to be what you'd assume sand dune weather would be - sunny and higher than 75.  To our surprise, it was absolutely freezing!  Despite the cold, and I mean freezing cold, it was so sweet to watch Kaleb hold Kez tight and keep her warm and safe.  I absolutely love how this is a testament to their relationship and a picture into what their marriage will be like:  Christ-honoring and full of selfless love.  I can hardly wait to photograph their backyard bohemian wedding in Pennslyvania this fall. 

Triniti Jensen