Haily + Kenny // Lincoln, Nebraska Engagement Photography


It all started at a restaurant called Toast.  She worked there while in college, and he traveled from Pennsylvania to Lincoln Neb. for work.  She caught his eye right away, and on a trip a couple months later, a relationship began.  They've had a long distance relationship across the country since.

"Haily is a very a loving and caring person. She is a high energy and positive person. She tends to put others before herself. She has a ease to her personality that allows for her to get along with anyone. Her sense of humor and charm allow for her to talk to anyone. Her upbring and Christian values make her a respectful and trustworthy person that is impossible to dislike. She likes to laugh at and with herself,  she can’t spell to save her life. But is convincing and confident enough to convince you otherwise. She’s independent and stubborn but also understanding."

"Kenny is everything wonderful. He is extremely well spoken, respectful, honest, and kind. He gives 150% of himself to the people he loves. He’s charming and hilarious. He is the most non judgmental person I know. He will stand up for anyone and I can’t deny his contagious positive outlook on life. He is the hardest worker I know. He’s stubborn as hell.  He’s a sports enthusiast. And the brightest mind person I know. But most importantly he’s God loving and God fearing. " 

I'm incredibly thrilled to shoot their winter Lincoln wedding in just a couple months. 

COUPLESTriniti Jensen