Jessica + Jesse // Oahu, Hawaii Elopement

When a couple asks you to be a part of their elopement in Hawaii, the answer is always yes.  I met up with Jessica and Jesse for some seafood at the pier a couple days before their elopement.  These two met in Florida and now live in Hawaii since Jesse is in the navy.  Jessica is a lifeguard at a beach on the east coast of Oahu.  We bonded over fish tacos (Jessica's favorite) and talked about what they wanted their elopement day to look like.  They wanted to break from traditional wedding festivities and instead have a relaxed day of venturing around the island and enjoying one another's company.  This day was ultimately about these two alone and celebrating their love for one another.  They helped each other get ready in the morning and gathered Jessica's bouquet from local flower bushes in their neighborhood. They enjoyed chicken and shrimp for supper at one of Hawaii's well known food trucks.  If that doesn't sound amazing enough, they ate their wedding cake off the coast to the sound of the ocean, she sang their first dance acapella as he held her tight, and they finished the night off by releasing a lantern into the night sky.  The Penners are kind, honest, down-to-earth island lovers and could not have chosen a more perfect way to celebrate their commitment to one another.  If a day like this suites your personality, I'd highly recommend it. 

Triniti Jensen