Kari + Dan // Garden of the Gods and Jack Quinn Irish Pub // Colorado Springs, CO Wedding Photography

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“Our wedding day was pretty perfect: it was small and intimate, the Colorado weather was beautiful for the end of October and the company was great! I felt like the ceremony itself went by pretty quickly, I had some butterflies in my stomach but overall I was calm- it was almost surreal. And then we were married! Taking pictures throughout Garden of the Gods was fun, calming and allowed my husband and I to take a breath and to focus all the positive energy of the day on each other. The reception was amazing, the Irish band set such a jovial tone for the evening that everyone caught themselves dancing, tapping feet or smiling throughout the evening. So many little memories with so many people that made such a memorable night: everyone dancing the hokey pokey, heartfelt hugs, watching the World Series, silly mustaches, and a constant hum of laughter and conversation… It was literally pure bliss!”   – Kari

“The day started with nerves and anticipation while getting ready. As soon as we saw each other at the first look I was so joyful and happy. The ceremony was powerful emotionally and there were tears of joy. We had the best celebration to end the evening!!” – Dan

“Triniti was such a calming presence to work, she helped us stay in the moment during our private shots and kept the mood lighthearted and fun. She was stealth and quiet, like a ninja, throughout the ceremony and reception. We often didn’t notice her stepping in to catch a shot until we looked up or until after she had taken it! Both she and her assistant were polite and respectful! Many of pictures she took were beautiful and fun- moments in time with such an artistic eye that captured the essence of the moment.”

First Look Location: Palmer Park, Colorado Springs, CO  //  Ceremony Venue: Jaycee Plaza, Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, CO  //  Reception Venue: Jack Quinn Irish Pub, Colorado Springs, CO

Triniti Jensen