Halle + Nick // Intimate Day After Session // Joshua Tree National Park California Wedding Photography


"Nick is my highschool sweetheart.  He was my older brother's best friend.  I always had a crush on him, being a freshman while he was a junior.  I thought he was the most handsome thing I'd ever seen.  He played football and I was the best friend's little sister who was completely smitten!!!  He and I always knew we liked eachother. Even if it was little glances of his big brown eyes through his football face mask on Friday nights, I knew he'd be mine.  I always knew it'd be him. He and I started dating the summer of my junior year.  We spent that entire summer adventuring together.  We went to every beach, hiked any mountain near us and ALWAYS took photos to remember our accomplishments together.  He left for Marine Corps bootcamp in the summer of 2016 and a few months later he proposed in the airport, the weekend of thanksgiving.  

Being married is amazing.  It is such a gift.  Marriage is a major heart surgery, learning to die to yourself and do life with someone.  It's a learning experience that I'm so thankful for.  We've grown closer, since being married.  We are STILL learning and always will be about edifying Christ in our roles as husband and wife.  The advice I would give to other couples would simply be to live graciously with each other.  I'm still learning this.  It is also important to NOT sweat the small stuff.  Everything always works out, and Nick and I always end up stronger because of the challenges we endure together. ❤️"


Dress Designer: Karen Willis Holmes  Dress Boutique: Elle Bridal Boutique Groom's Look: Urban Outfitters, Target Style

Triniti Jensen