Tiana + Mark // Big Sur California Wedding Photography

It's pretty well known I'm not a morning person, but if every early morning involved exploring the woods in Big Sur with Tiana and Mark, I might reconsider.  These two sweethearts have the most endearing story and are some of the most intentional people I've met. 


"Mark, when I met you, your quick-witted personality AND beating me at cards stood out immensely.  I hardly noticed that you were on crutches. ;) I was on crutches the next time we saw each other, so I guess we are kinda a hot mess! You asked if you could sit by me at a church conference and even offered to wheel me around the next day so that I could play ultimate Frisbee. You were a total gentleman and you liked to make people feel included. However, you really caught my attention the first time we carpooled to watch our friend compete in a race. I remember how comfortable I was with you. Silence was not awkward and it was as though we had been best friends for years. Your thoughtfulness and protective nature were highlighted that night. But something more happened when we got back to a church parking lot around 3 am. Yea, we realized my truck had been locked in the parking lot, and you hopped the fence to try and remedy the situation. But even more importantly than those minor details, I remember that was the first night of many that we laughed hysterically. I had to go to the bathroom so badly and after driving around to gas stations with bathrooms that were out of order, we eventually ended up using the restroom in the ER. The whole night could have been a bad experience, but you made me laugh so hard that the only thing I was worried about was peeing my pants. I realized if I can have that much fun with someone in an inconvenient circumstance, it could only go up from there. You asked me out to coffee a few days later, and prayed for me the very first time that I talked on the phone.  Our first date consisted of hanging a hammock and dancing through the park, singing to Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking out loud.” It was perfection. I felt like my life was a real-life music video. All I remember was that I had a permanent grin plastered on my face and I was wondering what had just happened to me. My face is still smiling because hanging out with you is still my favorite. I still want to hang out with you in your hammock. I want to make all of our bad circumstances into fun adventures with every moment that God gives to us. "

COUPLESTriniti Jensen